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Manufacturing Process

Front Ass`y : LCD, Bracket Assembly
Rear  Ass`y : Rear, various tape
BGL  Ass`y  : BGL,  various tape  

Innovation Activities of Process

"Productivity improvement through process innovation"

By continuously discovering and improving JIG automation and simple automation, we are reducing T/Time for improvement of manufacturing cost. We are making improvement activities to secure stable manufacturing quality through foolproof process.

JIG semi.png
smar tool.png
jig combi.png
jig auto test.png
JIG Auto Test Funtion
Smart Tool
Suction Screw
JIG Combo Auto
att Batt

" Communication Channel for employees " 

sub 의사소통.PNG

We are developing employees’ positive minds and discovering ideas for improving the working environment and production process through various activities such as anniversary events, club activities, communication education so on. We are striving to improve productivity and quality by leadership training and quality training for local managers.

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