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Social contribution

Hansol Electronics viet nam  has been striving to contribute to the local community through social contribution activities in various fields. We are continuing to promote social contribution activities through cooperation with local unions, as well as visiting employees' families in financial difficulties, participating in building houses in the local community, delivering donations to areas affected by natural disasters.

도와주는 손

Thai Nguyen Broadcasting(TN) News

 "Good company to work for"

Hansol Electronics viet nam was selected as a "good company to work for" and was introduced in detail on the TN news channel of Thai Nguyen Province broadcasting station in September 19th with in-depth Improvement of employee welfare and treatment, working environment, etc. 

Introduction of companies with excellent corona prevention

We were selected as an excellent company in COVID-19 prevention activities in May 20 and  through Viet Nam News details on cases and activities to prevent infection in everyday life has been introduced.

Donation for disaster of typhoon 

Vietnam struck a huge water bomb from the impact of Typhoon No. 18 "Molabe" In order to give a helping hand to the damage in the central region, all employees sincerely collecting donations in Thai Nguyen Province, "Uỷ ban mặt trận tổ quốc Việt Nam".

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